Transfer print order without application

Would you like to apply transfer prints yourself? You have two options to order such transfer prints: either loose transfer motifs or transfer sheets.

Loose transfer motifs

You send your motif and receive an order confirmation regarding the amount of printed motifs and colors. In most cases we make the layout of your order, where we define the print color(s) and size. After your approval, we place your motif on a sheet, print it, and finally cut it. You receive loose transfer motifs ready to be applied on fabric with a heat press.
In case of loose transfer motif order, we print one motif per order.

Loose transfer motif layout

Transfer sheets

The size of the print area of our transfer sheet is 33 x 43 cm. You place your motifs within this field as you like it. We do not make a layout for it, directly print the file we receive from you, according to the order confirmation (number of sheets and colors). You will receive full sheets and have to cut them before you apply your motifs on fabric.
In case of transfer sheet order, it is you who place the motives on the sheet - as many as you want and as close to each other as you like.

Our transfer sheet area, ready to receive your transfer sheet order

You must either choose loose transfer motifs or transfer sheets. It is not possible to combine the two, nor to send a file with more than one motif to be placed several times on the same sheet. We would like to provide a quick and efficient service, therefore we will only process either the first or the second type of transfer order.

Do not forget that, in case of transfer, we cannot print thinner details than 0.5 mm, so please check your motifs for thin lines and correct them as necessary.
Please define the colors of your motifs according to the Pantone Solid Coated guide.  Otherwise, we usually apply our standard Pantone colors on your order.